Our Products

VJ Art Exports is a luxury brand in the home furnishings marketplace offering furniture, textiles, bath-ware, décor, outdoor and garden, as well as kids products. VJ Art operates an integrated business with multiple channels of distribution.

VJ Art currently publish Interiors, Modern Art Furniture, Objects of Curiosity, Tableware, Indoor/Outdoor furniture products including Garden décor.

We strive to meet your everyday textile needs

Our ability to innovate, curate and integrate products, categories, services and businesses with a completely authentic and distinctive point of view.

We evolved our brand to become VJ Art Exprots, positioning our Company to curate a lifestyle beyond the four walls of the home. Our unique product development, go-to-market and supply chain capabilities, together with our significant scale, enable us to offer a compelling combination of design, quality and value that we believe is unparalleled in the marketplace.

What We Do

Our each world class product goes through several stages of processing to make them a valuable and long lasting quality product.


Sanding the cabinet is the final process for finishing the raw material.


Nailing the planks to joint with iron rivets.


Shiner used to give shining finish to the products.


Wooden Planks are being gauging in gauge shaping machine.


Rough surface and edge are getting shape with shaping machine.

Plank Joints

Joining the wooden planks to make a single board.

Wood Planks

Selecting the wooden planks according to the requirement.


Finishing of the legs by spray sealer and layering on the legs.